Speaker Valentin Radu

CEO & Founder, Omniconvert
Bucharest, Romania


Valentin Radu is a serial entrepreneur and visionary involved in tech and digital marketing for the past 12 years. Married with two children, he is the founder of Omniconvert, a worldwide awarded all in one conversion platform. Valentin is known for his unyielding positive energy, creativity, and knowledge about marketing and business. He is also an international keynote speaker and a thought leader in the conversion rate optimization space, covering topics such as eCommerce strategy, web optimization, cognitive biases, and growth.

Valentin's sessions

11:10 - 11:40 , Thursday

Customer Journey Optimization

Every now and then, we’re hypnotized about acquiring customers, testing new tools or making new campaigns, forgetting that eCommerce growth is a relation between us and hundreds and thousands of customers.

That’s why we need to optimize the whole customer journey, in order to get from the initial Hello to the Happily Ever After phase with as many customers as possible.