Lexi Mills

CEO, Shift6 Global

Session: The Future Digital storytelling and reputation management
- , May 17th 2022, Deep dive
Lexi Mills will be addressing the implications of technology on the marketing industry as well as the key question: how do we implement this in our day to day work?

She will discuss topics such as the future of publishing, the role of emotionality in AI-driven publishing, marketing, the ethics surrounding its use, and the future of storytelling journalism. ‘how to be better than machines,’ SEO tools and search algorithms combined with AI and machine learning are fast becoming smarter and faster than humans. What skills do you and your organisation need to excel in this environment? This tends to focus on the process of selling SEO contracts and content to media. Lexi will be share tips for designing and executing impactful integrated PR SEO campaigns and advice on how to use SEO metrics to inform PR strategies. This will be a highly actionable talk, providing media industry insight and showing real PR SEO and content marketing examples. Marketers must learn to hack people instead of algorithms.


Lexi Mills is a multi-award winning digital marketing expert specialising in PR SEO and data-driven business intelligence. She is President of The Future of Search Foundation and CEO of Shift6, an international consultancy which provides training and consultancy services to agencies, businesses and investors, alongside advising government entities on the risks and opportunities of algorithmic technology. Her research work focuses on the opportunities, ethics and risks of machine learning and AI within the sector of internet search.