Sofiia Bychkovska

Lead Analytics Trainer, Measureschool

Session: Psychotherapy for PPC Marketers: Key Wins with GA4
10:40 - 11:10, April 8th 2024, Deep dive
This year is definitely going to be a wild ride for PPC marketers who use Google Analytics in their work. Everyone will need to switch to GA4 eventually. Navigating through the process, one might feel a wide spectrum of emotions going from Denial to Acceptance. In this presentation, let me be your trusted analytics shrink and show you that it is not all doom and gloom

The road ahead is filled with exciting possibilities and unexpected rewards. With advanced GA4 features, PPC marketers can bring their advertising strategy to the next level and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. This talk aims to change the way you perceive the tool – not as a challenge (or at least an exciting one, if so) but as an opportunity you should take advantage of right now.


I am a digital marketing enthusiast who always rises to the challenge. My superpowers are GA4, GTM & memes creation. I love solving tracking riddles and strive to share my passion for technologies with other marketers. Before joining MeasureSchool, I worked in the Technical Solutions Team, the official Google support. In my free time, I love traveling to different countries with my little Shiba Inu (dogecoin doggo).