Damjan Obal

Research Principal, Cognite

Session: Context behind the (data) story
14:30 - 15:00, April 9th 2024, Strategy

In a world of performance dashboards and KPIs, we tend to forget who we’re building our products for. Instead of bringing us closer, specialized skillsets, processes and tools break us into our own silos, and further away from our customers. This often results in a disjointed user experience, misaligned expectations, churn and… occasional grumpiness.

In this talk, we’ll look at what does it mean to be human-centric as an organization, and that it does not mean data-ignorant. W​e’ll look at why and how to contextualize data points across multiple sources and customer touchpoints. Why use mixed methods and why it pays to talk about end-to-end user journeys to establish and maintain strong empathy for the end-user.


Design researcher and hands-on strategist with 15+ years in the field, yet still need to show ID to buy a 🍺 . Fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to help build, groom and grow design & research teams across the globe. Research director with Cognizant, Design research lead with Pexip and Cisco Webex Devices, before that global Head of UX & Design at Entain (bwin, Ladbrokes, Gala, Coral). Designed products for NGOs, tiny startups as well as the big enterprise like Cisco, CNN, Deutsche Bahn, and Mayo Clinic. As a researcher traveled the world and defended my Computer Science PhD. As an entrepreneur, founded a VC-backed startup that helps small business tell their stories. As a curious geek, I felt my shoes and geek about Terry Pratchett.