Mark Colgan

Chief Revenue Officer, TaskDrive

Session: How to perform lead research and prospecting like a boss (for both Sales and Marketing outbound campaigns)
- , 17th September 2021, B2B
97% of prospects aren’t actively looking to purchase…so building lists based on job titles is pointless…

Just because they match your buyer persona, doesn’t mean they are interested in hearing from you right now.

Instead, you need to focus on triggers or signals…

In this presentation Mark will share how you can develop your buyer personas and idea customer profiles and then walk you through 14 Lead Sourcing Playbooks, that help you find prospects who may have an intent to buy soon.


Mark Colgan has over 11 years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing and is currently Chief Revenue Officer at TaskDrive where he leads the growth of a 100+ person, remote company by aligning Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Product. In his spare time, he also helps B2B SaaS companies scale revenue with their Sales & Marketing Automation and Customer Journey Optimisation. He is a Techstars Alumni, he co-owns a horse trailer mobile bar and his brain's default mode is 'Revenue Generation'.