Kenda Macdonald

CEO, Automation Ninjas

Session: How using a little bit of criminal profiling know how can get you better conversions
13:10 - 13:40, 16th September 2021, Deep dive
Search is profiling heaven. The behaviour displayed when people are searching should be helping you understand what you need to do to get a conversion.

Unfortunately, many businesses simply aren’t tapping into this treasure trove of behavioural data. Join us in this session in which we’ll give you the tools to get better conversions by using a little bit of know how from criminal profiling. You’ll learn how to progressively profile your leads so you match them up with the right information, as well as discovering how you can make your SEO have much, much larger impact on all of your marketing activities.


Kenda Macdonald is a forensic psychology major, and the founder of Automation Ninjas - a marketing automation agency specialising in behavioural marketing automation. She is an international public speaker, a multi award-winning businesswoman, a doting cat mom, and the author of Hack The Buyer Brain. Having studied psychology, and worked in marketing automation, she saw firsthand how “modern” marketing doesn’t take consumer behaviour into consideration. Businesses don’t design for consumer experience. In part, this is because buyer psychology and academia can be so inaccessible. There is a treasure trove of information out there, waiting to be useful to businesses that care and are striving for the best for their consumers. Over years of insight through growing Automation Ninjas into an award-winning agency, becoming the UK’s leading behavioural automation agency through this behaviour first approach, Kenda has distilled her marketing knowledge and combined it with psychology proficiency. The results for her clients have been phenomenal - and she'll share those secrets with you.