Robin Lord

Associate Director of Strategy and Innovation, Aira

Session: How to work with data to effectively prioritise content
15:40 - 16:10, May 26th 2023, Deep dive
Ever-tightening budgets, an endless list of work to prioritise, and new technology unveiled every few weeks. With everything going on, it’s understandable to find ourselves thinking - so what now? What work should I prioritise? What content should I create? Am I even qualified to make these decisions, or should it all be given to some AI?

I’m going to talk about Aira’s process for how we prioritise content. Mainly – how we decide what content to create or update and share how we efficiently

  • turn huge, disordered, topic lists into a list of pages
  • decide which pages to create first
  • decide when the page shouldn’t be on our site.

I’ll also share how we break down these problems in general – to give the audience a toolkit for facing similar challenges in the future.

There’s been lots of excitement about tools like GPT. While I’ll mention it for completeness – this isn’t going to be a GPT cheerleading talk. In fact – I’m going to talk about how we avoid the trap of using new tech to ask more of the wrong questions. Instead – I’ll share how we help ourselves to take a step back, think about what’s available to us, and what questions we really want to answer.

This talk has two primary audiences;

– In-the-trenches specialists will leave the talk with a process for efficiently clustering topics into pages, deciding if the pages should be on-site or outreach, and prioritising that activity
– Managers and agency leaders will take away an understanding of how Aira empowers our consultants with tech while avoiding the traps of shiny new tech, and encouraging critical thought.


Robin Lord is a Consultant first and foremost - he has a passion for working with people to solve challenges. Past roles include everything from small charity marketing exec, sending out local press releases, to Head of SEO for Brainlabs, and most recently, Associate Director of Strategy and Innovation at Aira. Over the years - Robin has gravitated more and more toward tech. He regularly teaches Python courses and releases JavaScript tools like Tag Mapper, Slash\Escape, and Lost at SQL. He mainly does that because tech is often the best way to start conversations about the most interesting people's problems.