Jane Piper

Founder, Pipsy GmbH

Session: Human(e) Digital Connection
10:40 - 11:10, 16th September 2021, Strategy

Zoom fatigue, information overload and techno-stress – words we are hearing a lot during the pandemic. The last update of our brains was 200,000 years ago, but your iPhone was upgraded just a few days ago. Technology advances and digital transformation are creating new opportunities but also new challenges for employees and customers.

We look at the neuroscience to understand how to truly connect and engage with customers and employees asking:

– Why digital collaboration doesn’t work the same as face-to-face

– How cognitive overload and stress in slows down transformation

– How can we build trust in a digital age

Practical ideas and thought provoking questions to understand the psychology of technology human interaction in a digital age.

(Day of the session is not yet final.)


Jane Piper is an Organisational Psychologist and bestselling author of Focus in the Age of Distraction – a book looking at the impact of digital technology on our wellbeing and ways of working. She is interested in the intersection of humans and technology. She challenges us to look at the impact that technology is having our work, well-being and happiness. Jane grew up in New Zealand and has been living abroad for many years, most recently for 16 years in Switzerland. Bringing a unique blend of kiwi creativity and Swiss efficiency, she combines writing, speaking, consulting and coaching. After a twenty year corporate career, she now helps leaders and teams in knowledge intensive industries work better in a digital age.