Jane Piper

Organisational Psychologist

Session: Managing the Digitally Disrupted Generation
14:10 - 14:40, 19th of March 2020, Strategy
Everyone is talking about digital disruption. But the culprit of much of the technology disruption is one we least recognise - our phone.

It’s by our sides 24/7 and beeping at us at least 50 times a day. Jane covers how you manage a team that is attracted to distraction


Jane Piper is an Organisational Psychologist and bestselling author of Focus in the Age of Distraction – a book looking at the impact of digital technology on our wellbeing and ways of working. She is interested in the intersection of humans and technology. She challenges us to look at the impact that technology is having our work and non-work lives, well-being and happiness. After a twenty year corporate career, she now helps people and organisations to work better in a digital age.