Robert Craven

Founder, Grow Your Digital Agency Initiative

Session: Why is it so hard to grow your agency (and what to do about it)
11:30 - 12:00, May 18th 2022, Strategy

Agency founders find it tough to grow the agency.

Either they struggle to get the agency to grow, or they do grow it and they find the going gets tough. This is all relatively normal.

In this challenging presentation, Robert looks at the struggles that 99% of agency owners face and how it impacts their growth. He also looks at what the successful do (differently) to get on top.

Research and work with over 500 digital agencies has identified what it is that the high performers do and Robert will share this. It is easy to identify who the successful are.

However, it is not enough to know what they do, we need to understand how they do it and how they stand out from the rest. So we can grow a more profitable agency, and do this with less of the stress and pain that most seem to suffer.


Robert works with Google Partners as their go-to expert on growing digital agencies. Known for his no-nonsense approach to business growth, he has worked with agencies and platforms from London to Dublin, from Singapore to New York. He is author of ‘Grow Your Digital Agency’ and the ‘Agency Strategy Workbook’. Robert is an advisor/NED to some of Europe's leading independent agencies. An adviser and author who helps agency leaders run the agency they really want to run. Currently working with agency leaders across Europe, helping them live the lives they want to live.