Ricardo Tayar

CEO, Flat 101

Session: Personalization, key of conversion. Step by step professional guide (how to & technology)
- , May 18th 2022, Deep dive
Everybody talks about personalization in digital assets as a theory, but how it works?

In this presentation we will cover in detail the main areas you have to work in a personalization project: how to identify the points to work, how to identify chances and design experiences, how to develop the code to make it possible with differente tools (GTM, Optimize, Optimize X, etc) and finally how to measure if all that work has been useful to improve results.


Ricardo is de CEO and co-founder of Flat 101, a CRO focused company in Spain that works worldwide. With more than 20 years of professional digital experience, Ricardo has been developing in the last years a unique CRO framework to improve digital business results in companies such as Vodafone, Meliá, Desigual, Pronovias, Inditex (Bershka, Oysho) and many more worldwide. He loves Rock´n´Roll, red wine and motorcycles and really loves sharing all the knowledge of Flat 101 with other people. He is also the author of "CRO. Design and develop of digital business models", the main book about CRO written in spanish, best seller in its category in 2018. His second book "CRO, Advanced framework and metodology" was released in 2019, october.