Anže Miklavec

CEO, EQUA d.o.o.

Session: Framework for building a new brand in 2022
11:10 - 11:40, April 8th 2024, Strategy
To make a brand that stands out in communication! Way of communicating that worked in the past, doesn't work anymore. You get the wanted attention only if you know how to tell a story interestingly enough. I managed to tell a story in an interesting way, the product got viral and became a selling success. But I also told another story poorly and saw a good product sink because of my lukewarm communication. Is there a framework to building a brand and communicating it?


I am a 0 to 1 guy. I enjoy creating stories, building brands, and when engineering is needed, I love this too. I made many brands. Some of them are internationally well known and successful. Others are complete failures. Life's mission is to find a "blue sea."