Speaker Mike L. Murphy

Co-Founder, The Visionary Planner


Mike designed animation and visual effects for such blockbuster franchises as Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, Ironman and Lord of the Rings. Everyone’s favorite character he worked on was Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He got to live in New Zealand for two years and help bring him to life.

After ‘retiring’ from the Visual Effects industry he directed award-winning short films and commercials. During this time he fell in love with the ‘art of business’ and have dedicated the last five years to mastering that art form.

Now he helps business owners brand themselves online and grow profitable businesses.

Mike L.'s sessions

23 Essential Building Blocks Of A Successful Online Business

The #1 goal of every business is to make money by delivering massive value. In order to do that, your online business should have 23 essential building blocks. Do you know what they are?