Speaker Dr. Fio Dossetto

Content marketer, Hotjar


From an early age, Fio enjoyed playing around with words—her career in content began with a mystery novel written on a typewriter before turning 9—and has never really stopped.

With a doctorate from the University of Nottingham and almost a decade working in marketing and user research, she joined Hotjar in 2017 and is now creating user-focused content that readers will actually care about.

When not at this conference, Fio is most often found thinking about language, editing copy, and working remotely around Europe—in that order.

Dr. Fio's sessions

Becoming User-centric: How to Create Better Content with Your Audience’s Help

How do we know if the content we create is really enjoyable and helpful or is missing the mark completely? Usually, we get feedback after content is published. But in 2017, 2-person team at Hotjar tried an experiment: they recruited hundreds of volunteers to review their content before they published it — at Hotjar they call them “beta readers”, and they have completely changed the way they do content marketing.

In this talk, Fio will show you:

- the simple process we set up to find enthusiastic beta readers (and grow our team from 2 to almost 700 people!)

- how to use crowdsourced feedback to create better content

- how to apply this principle to different types of content in your industry, from blog posts to product descriptions to video tutorials.