Michal Nemcok

Director of Acquisition, Socialbakers

Session: B2B Advertising: Start-up Edition
- , May 27th 2023, b2b
Customer acquisition is the driving force behind every successful company's growth. But how do you succeed in increasingly saturated and mature digital landscape as a young company?

Competition is fierce and never sleeps. Investments are ever larger but… It’s not always about massive budgets, expensive agencies, huge teams, and so on. It’s about hard work, not being afraid of failure, continuous tests, many of which may fail, and having a great team.

I’ll take you on a journey of how building a well-oiled lead generation machine can fuel company growth and all the challenges, failures, successes that came along with it. Examples, data, and actionable take-aways included.


Although as a teenager I never thought I'd be doing marketing, let alone advertising, when I'd be older, it came naturally. Having worked in the start up realm as well as a global corporation, I utilize the learnings from the corporate environment, mixed in with some experience and my brain, today at Socialbakers to get those companies to purchase our product.