Liron Smadja

Director of Marketing, Fiverr

Session: 50 Marketing tips in 30 minutes
- , April 9th 2024, Strategy
Are you running your company’s marketing efforts with limited resources? New to specific sectors of marketing and need help?

Join me as I run through 50 marketing resources and tips in 30 minutes. There is a treasure chest of tools available online to help you navigate through your day to day and help keep you inspired.

During this discussion, I’ll run you through some of my favorite free and inexpensive tools. Some you may have heard of and others you probably haven’t, but in the end, you will leave with a list of new sites and platforms to check out, as well as a refreshing perspective on old favorites.


Liron Smadja is the Director of Marketing for Fiverr. Liron started his career as a producer, working on animation films and music videos. He joined Fiverr when the company was an early stage start-up and helped grow it to a publicly-traded company on the NYSE. South African born, Liron has spent time working in Tel Aviv, New York, and now calls London home. He helps lead Fiverr’s Global expansion strategy and focuses on marketing to localized audiences.