Jaka Kladnik

Digital marketing manager, Better

Session: From .com to .care
- , April 8th 2024, Strategy
Better is a Slovenian healthcare IT company building powerful digital products that help doctors and nurses all around the globe treat people.

In this presentation, you will get a closer look into how Better is fighting their way on the global market using smart and deliberate content, hacks, and incorporating marketing deep in all processes rather than just spending big for marketing activities. Because, selling items of mass consumption online is challenging, but selling IT software to buyer personas who save lives as their daily job is something completely different.


Jaka Kladnik worked as a sales director in various IT companies for more than ten years, including internationally. He joined one of the most agile digital marketing agencies as a sales director, where he worked as a consultant for well-known brands in Europe. This accelerated his decision to shift his knowledge acquisition and skill mastery towards marketing expertise. He is passionate about business models, growth hacking, and digital marketing in general, especially when combined with Agile approaches, Business model generation canvases and Management 3.0 practices.