Speaker Fernando Angulo

Head of International Partnerships and Digital Strategist, SEMrush


Fernando is SEMrush as Head of International Partnerships and International Speaker. With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, he has been at the forefront of the company’s marketing activities and has, among other things, built a great marketing team.
Fernando is one of the major brand faces and annually performs over 50 prestigious conferences all over the world. He specializes in B2B search marketing, e-commerce, influencer marketing, and training of marketing teams such as Expedia, T-Mobile, Prestashop and Bing.

Fernando's sessions

14:50 - 15:20 , Friday

Features Snippet Optimization: The Gateway to Position Zero and Voice Search

Featured Snippets are such an important part of SEO and digital marketing now. Featured snippets are those information boxes with quick answers that show up above traditional search results. You want to appear in them to drive increased traffic to your site. This presentation will show how!