Fernando Angulo

Head of Communications, SEMrush

Session: Beyond the KPI: There is life after OKRs?
- , April 9th 2024, Deep dive
The way we at SEMrush create our goals have changed a lot, we don't believe in KPI's, we cannot use OKR's, we introduced Spotify Rhythm to our structure.

It helps to synchronise personal tasks and goals of employees with the tasks and goals of the company. It is based on an understanding of what we want to come to in the next few years.


Fernando Angulo is Head of Communications at SEMrush. He has been with SEMrush since the beginning of company’s marketing efforts and has built its all-star marketing team. Being one of the most recognised faces of the brand, Fernando is speaking at 50+ top conferences worldwide each year. Fernando specializes in B2B search marketing, e-commerce, influence marketing and trained marketing teams of companies such as Expedia, T-mobile, Prestashop and Bing.