Ksenija Škrlj

Advisor to the Board and Head of Product Development, Red Orbit

Session: Panel: How to measure the effectiveness of marketing in a multi-channel world?
- , April 8th 2024, Strategy
Since forever advertisers are researching many possible ways to measure return on investment and general success of marketing activities.

Over the years, a lot of different methods have been used; from branding KPI’s like brand awareness, preference, NPS, to marketing funnel metrics like leads and prospects. The furious development of digital channels makes the whole story even more complex, and fragmented approaches less valuable. Are there any holistic and data driven solutions on the horizon?


She is a well established expert on the field of digital development, strategic marketing, implementation of the new business models and products. Her technical background is enriched with years of experiences from international environment and in-depth understanding of business demands. Her passion is following technology trends and implementation of strategies for digital future.