Jelena Delakorda

Co-Founder, Behavioral Designer & Design Thinker, NavajoLabs

Session: The Iteration to Imperfection: Setting up a framework for constant iteration and improvement to stay relevant in the market
14:30 - 15:00, May 27th 2023, Strategy
The Iteration to Imperfection: Setting up a framework for constant iteration and improvement to stay relevant in the market is a lecture that delves into the importance of fostering innovation and encouraging intrapreneurship within an organization.

The talk will explore the idea of experimenting and allowing people to be imperfect, viewing everything as an iteration to imperfection. It will delve into the critical components of creating a successful intrapreneurship framework, including people, ideas, and culture, and how to consider human biases and utilize behavioral design findings to co-create an intrapreneurship program tailored to the specific workplace. Attendees will hear about various tools and techniques that can be adapted to their team’s needs and will be challenged to think and act differently to stimulate creativity and collaboration. The main objective of this lecture is to motivate teams to adopt an intrapreneurial mindset, test new ideas, and work together to develop a program that will enable them to promote innovation within their organizations.



With my unwavering determination, artistic flair, and mind constantly brimming with fresh ideas, I have had the privilege of delving into various industries and taking on multiple roles. It started with editing an online magazine, working on deals worth millions of dollars with big-name clients like Coinbase, Amazon, and Slack, to leading strategic technology projects in a company owned by the world's top 1 hedge fund. Thanks to side projects, I have also been able to showcase my marketing skills as a Marketing Consultant and startup mentor in various e-commerce and blockchain startups. In 2018, I decided to leave the corporate world and focus on my entrepreneurial journey. During this time, I co-founded an ethical fashion brand, an e-commerce platform for artists and designers, and a TopTal-like business for marketing services. In search of a sense of purpose, a common thread to connect all this polymath in me was interested in, I began studying behavioral design, design thinking, and behavioral economics. Everything I was and aimed to be led me to innovation and learning. In 2022, while my child was playing with her grandparents, I decided to overcome my doubts and insecurities and created an intrapreneurship framework. The idea was to help any company foster innovation and give people the freedom to bring their ideas to life, whether self-employed or working for a corporation. In my talk, I'll present one aspect of this framework and give all participants free access to try it out in their business environments. Today I am co-founder of NavajoLabs (, that's all about shaking up the world of corporate education. We have opened the first-ever experiential learning hub in Europe. Here I get to dream up playful ways to teach people how to foster innovation, develop innovative learning tools, and connect the unconnectable.