Dan Chorlton

CEO, GOA Marketing

Session: Optimising Google Ads using non-Google Ads data
11:30 - 12:00, May 18th 2022, Deep dive
The amount of data available in Google Ads to optimise your campaigns is reducing. Here are just three examples:
  • Currently, there is no accurate performance data for RSAs
  • Search term reports are showing more and more results as ‘other’ without the detail
  • Auction insights are changing with the data available changing depending on the Google product you’re using.

But we still want to optimise Google Ads as much as possible. So what are we meant to do??

I have ideas and solutions!

In this talk, I will take you through some of my best tips for getting data insights to improve performance. And to make decisions from sources that aren’t in the Google Ads interface or API. We will be looking at:

  • Customer reviews
  • Competitors
  • Other media such as YouTube
  • Social listening
  • Qualitative data such as sales calls, customer focus groups, emails and from your wonderful colleagues/clients!

This will be filled with actionable tips and tactics to implement. We will actually generate ideas for ad copy/landing page testing plus find new positive and negative keywords


My platform has just passed the optimisation mile stone of $1 billion dollars which I'm very proud of. Before starting that business: I ran the largest ever ads account transition from MediaCom to PHD (VW Group: 20,000 Google Ads accounts, helped build a team of 600 people, moved 80,000 Google DC Properties), a completely smooth transition. I've developed local/regional strategies for Google, Disney, VW, McDonald's and many more. I ran Google's own Paid Search in 5 main markets in the EU & grew them +20% while the other European markets shrank -10%. I've created the global search strategy for Audi globally creating the dealer SEM strategy to be implemented in all markets. Plus I also DJ Techno and play the violin over the top!