Janusz Stabik

Digital Agency Coach, Grow Your Digital Agency Initiative

Workshop: Agency Insiders
11:00 - 12:30, ,


After spending 15 years working in, creating and growing digital agencies of his own, Janusz founded Digital Agency Coach in 2016 to bring his passion for people, management, leadership and strategy to digital agencies worldwide. Janusz specialises in Strategy, Management, People & Leadership consultancy and is a huge advocate for defining an agency’s positioning and niche before embarking on any strategic or business planning. He understands that loose market positioning or an undefined niche is often at the core of most problems agency’s have and always looks to develop this understanding before approaching the bigger picture. Janusz then works to develop the skills of his client’s team members, builds and implements robust organisational structures and helps his agencies to define and foster a positive corporate culture. He’s a firm believer that investing in your team and your business strategy creates less stress, makes more money and gives you more time. The perfect go-to person for Growing your agency at the inOrbit Workshop day.