Janelle de Weerd

Head of Marketing, Crobox

Session: Product Personalization: Why simple website personalization is no longer enough for customer-centric retailers
- , April 9th 2024, Deep dive
We’ve experienced several key transformations in the retail industry. Retail used to be a solely product-centric experience. It didn’t take long for this focus to stop working and transform into building experiences where the customer stood at its center.

However, both product and customer-centricity miss out on key opportunities.

That’s why the next transformation will be one where both worlds come together. This era will be driven by customer experiences that are tailored to promoting the product benefits that shoppers look when they buy.

Product Personalization will be the next wave where the products retailers sell will revolve around the individual demands and desires of its buyers.


Janelle is the Marketing Manager at Crobox, an AI-driven data solution that tells retailers what their customers love about their products. At Crobox, she manages the marketing team and defines the brand direction and strategy. Her analytical yet empathetic perspective helps translate the complicated, and often intimidating, elements of data analysis into digestible actions. Janelle has a master’s degree in Persuasive Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam. She leverages this background in psychology to make marketing efforts more engaging and relevant. It’s within this scope that she has helped entrepreneurs, small businesses, and retailers future-proof their brand strategies.