Jacob Kildebogaard

Media Director and Partner, Ambition A/S

Session: Automized customer analysis in Google BigQuery will change your way of doing digital marketing
- , May 26th 2023, e-commerce
As ecommerce it is often the digital advertising and the user behavior onsite that is analyzed. But if you really want to increase performance and conversions, you should investigate your customer data.

Do you want to know which customers, that are your top customers? Do you want to know which valuable customers you are about to loose and never see again? Do you want to automize analysis and segmentation and send data directly to Google, Facebook and your email system to make 1-1 communication?

Then hear this speak about RFM segmenting, profiling and how to use Google BigQuery, so you are able to make the right communication to the right customers at the right time, and also find look a likes on valuable customers to extend you customer list.


Jacob is one of the leading danish digital marketeers, author, international speaker and agency founder. In 2011 Jacob founded of a search agency which in 2017 was merged with two other agencies to a datacentric digital agency with focus on creating results based on data. Today Jacob is media director and partner in Ambition, an award winning Danish digital agency.