Nils Rooijmans

Fearless Google Ads Automator, Water Cooler Topics



Nils Rooijmans, lives on a houseboat, loves riding his Hypermotard, is veteran in Search Marketing and Search Specialist by trade. Background in Artificial Intelligence and Search Engine Technology. Has built search engines and PPC platforms at the Dutch search engine (1999-2008). During this period he has been working as a freelance search marketing consultant on the side. With over +15 years experience in the field (PPC, SEO) he has helped over 100 companies increase their revenue and profits. His holistic approach to search (PPC+SEO) combined with technical, business and entrepreneurial experience is what discriminates him from the rest. Currently running a fully remote (virtual) boutique PPC agency, with high level of automation (scripts). As a PPC Consultant Nils provides training in Google Ads Scripts to PPC professionals. Public speaker on several (search) marketing events like brightonSEO, SMX, GreatDay PPC, Emerce Performance, Measurecamp, SMMCUR, Digital Marketing Live, Search Hub, inOrbit2020. Blogger at Emerce, Marketingfacts and Wordstream (among others). More details: ,