Depesh Mandalia

CEO, SM Commerce

Session: The 4 Simple Pillars Behind 8-Figure Facebook Ads Success
- , April 8th 2024, e-commerce
15 years in the marketing space, exploring the worlds of Ogilvy, Hopkins, Kennedy, Halbert and more have led to these 4 pillars which uphold the most profitable and consistent Facebook ads campaigns we've run.

Without these 4 pillars standing firm, its no wonder why so many fail with Facebook ads. Use this knowledge to your advantage today to get ahead of the pack in 2020.


Depesh is on a mission to help entrepreneurs punch above their weight to build highly profitable businesses through Facebook advertising. CEO of SM Commerce and ZASR Digital, he has generated well over $100M of revenue online within Ecommerce and Info Products. An international speaker and insider at Facebook, he leads his own Facebook ads community, training programmes and events helping to further his mission to create positive impact and legacy in the world. He spends most of his spare time outside of this enjoying life with his wife and children.