Beatrice Elizabeth Andrew

Head of Consumer Neuroscience, LAB Digital

Session: Decode your customer’s unconscious mind for your marketing strategy
- , May 27th 2023, Strategy
Blending Neuroscience and digital is an exciting opportunity, yet it is often unknown and intangible for many marketeers.

As fast as the digital industry is growing, human beings have been evolving for centuries and are a lot more predictably complex than you might think. Any behavioural economist knows that humans make decisions unconsciously before post rationalising why they have made that decision. Uncover the ability to speed empathise with your customers.

Learn how to read the minds of your customers to give them exactly what they want.
Learn how to decode your audience’s deep psychological drivers for a highly relevant digital message and strategy.


The new and emerging field of Neuromarketing has two aspects to it - neuroscience and marketing. Beatrice is extremely unusual as she has backgrounds in both fields - a graduate of King's College London in Neuroscience and a Google certified digital marketer. Beatrice and her team have developed pioneering new behavioural methods to increase engagement and measurably enhance performance in digital.