Chris Simmance

Speaker, Chris Simmance

Session: Future belongs to the Curious
10:15 - 11:00, 16th September 2021, Strategy
Workshop: Digital Strategy Course
15th September 2021
In this powerfully thought-provoking keynote, your people will see that change is an inevitable and unavoidable part of life, and – on the whole – the world is actually a far better place because of it.

Engaged by Chris’s generous helping of humour, they will experience powerful myth busting stories and surprising statistics that will get them to open up to the incredible possibilities the future holds. Your audience will be left smiling and thinking “the future is actually looking kind of awesome, I want some of that, let’s go!” And they’ll then be less resistant to change in your business, and far more open to whatever innovation drive or change programme you need them to embrace. All with a smile on their faces!
The net result is that you and your people confidently stride into the future with a positive view on change that drives innovation and keeps your business ahead of the curve, growing and adapting for the long term.

"Strategy without tactics is the noise before defeat" - Sun Tzu Strategy is broken up into different parts, each with its own challenges, measures and individual actions.
When planning a digital strategy it's easy to fall into the trap of a process map or task list. Tasks are a vital part of a strategy but only a part. Strategy's success is a sum of all its parts and research."

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Chris has started, built and grown 3 businesses in his 20's and spoken all over Europe to thousands of people on future proofed strategies for business success. Originally a snowboarder, guiding people across the slopes of the Alps, Chris is entirely self taught in all things digital and tech. Mostly through curiosity and passion, not to mention the inability to sit still for long enough to relax without learning something new OR building something that usually electrocutes him. This drive is what pushed him to look at the future through an a-typical perspective with curiosity and hope for the world as a whole. As someone who has suffered from Crohns disease almost his entire life, Chris has had to become resilient to wide sweeping changes in his life that often give you a choice, see things negatively or, embrace the change and look at them positively. He chose the latter and applied it to pretty much every situation in his life. A “Life gives you Lemons? Add them to a G&T” kind of thinking. Chris has taken his passion for tech and the future to almost unheard of lengths by having RFid chips implanted in his hands so he can interact with things in the world without touching them. Got a door to open? Want his business card? Want to do almost any trigger based activity? Chris can… Without touching a thing. Such is his curiosity for the future trends, he’s one of a very small few who are embracing the up-comming ‘Transhumanism’ trend and, potentially, leading the way.