Miroslav Varga

Martech specialist, Escape d.o.o.

Session: Google advertising mistakes I told noone
12:00 - 12:30, April 9th 2024, Deep dive

During my Google advertising career, I made a lot of mistakes. Some of those mistakes I could not show to anyone. Sometimes because the mistakes were embarrassing and sometimes so interesting that I just wanted to be sure before sharing them or showing them to others. Exploiting further some of the mistakes I made, I found some most interesting things inside Google Ads. Therefore I decided – now it’s time to present them to the world. Don’t miss this presentation because noone before saw what will be presented.


Miroslav Varga is the only 5G & GCT (Fivefold Grandfather and Google certified trainer) in the world. This proves not how smart he is, but how long he is in the industry. During his career, he made a lot of mistakes and shares them with the audience on many stages in the world.