Bartosz Goralewicz

CEO, Onely

Session: Your eCommerce Deserves More – Growth Strategies for 2020!
- , April 8th 2024, e-commerce
Bartosz Goralewicz has made a career out of revealing Google's blind spots.

His cutting-edge research changed how we understand Google’s relationship with eCommerce in 2019, where even the biggest eCommerce website with the best marketing could still be losing millions of dollars every month without even realizing it. Using examples from major brands like H&M, Walmart, Topshop, and more, Bartosz has put together a crash course that addresses all the NEW challenges eCommerce will face in 2020.


Bartosz Goralewicz is the CEO of Onely. He has been a staple in the SEO industry for over a decade and a thought leader in the field of JavaScript SEO. His cutting-edge research in Technical SEO changed how we understand Google's relationship with eCommerce in 2019. Onely works with Fortune 100 companies and other major international brands while continuing to push the envelope in Technical SEO and eCommerce SEO.