Andy Bacon

B2B Marketing Consultant/ABM Expert

Session: Why the ABM tidal wave is killing Demand Gen
- , May 27th 2023, b2b
You'll discover why Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the 'must have' B2B marketing strategy being adopted by the best organisations worldwide. Feel inspired, attend Andy's session and take away all the insight you'll need.

* What is ABM.
* Why 93% of organisations say its extremely or very important to their marketing effort.
* How is it able to consistently outperform the ROI of conventional demand gen.
* The 3 different types of ABM approaches.
* The top 10 essentials of every successful ABM programme.
* How to get started and embed best practice
* Examples of award winning ABM campaigns.
* What tech do you need.
* How B2B agencies are making a killing.
* Q&A


Founder of a B2B digital marketing agency that he ran for 25 years, Andy names many global IT organisations as his clients. He was also interim EMEA CMO for Rocket Fuel, a leading media buying platform (DSP). Now a consultant specialising in the successful adoption of Account Based Marketing (ABM) he mentors both B2B agencies and enterprise clients with marketing strategy, planning and execution.