Daryll Scott

Author, Company Director, Consultant, Coach & Therapist

Session: How human beings really work
- , April 9th 2024, Strategy
When it comes to understanding people the biggest problem how we think. We tend to think of people as if they are typical, mechanical and simple when really they are unique, organic and complex.

Based on consistent themes from Philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and stuff his grandpa used to say, Daryll will provide a way to think about people that will transform your understanding of motives and behaviour.


People do the funniest things. Have you ever wanted to know why people really do what they do? Daryll Scott is the ‘Why’ guy. Daryll is an experienced agency owner, leadership consultant, author, executive coach, neuro linguistic programmer and neuromarketer. What unifies all of these diverse activities is a passion for what makes people tick. Daryll has worked with brands such as Apple, Deloitte, Pret-a-Manger, Tesco Mobile and Virgin Atlantic.