Andreja Fegeš

SEO specialist, Red Orbit

Session: Automate and conquer
11:45 - 12:15, April 8th 2024, Track testing
In my presentation, we will dive deep into the world of email marketing and specifically email automation with special emphasis on unique email drips.

Why email marketing is a must-have in the current uncertain times and how can we utilize it to save on our budget and our time? Why you just can’t afford to not have your email marketing on point?

We will learn how email marketing can be super efficient and bring us a huge return on investment if we automate it – what are automated email campaigns and which are the most successful, which ones are absolutely indispensable? What is a mailing drip, how and why do we use it? We will take a look at one of the best email marketing case studies from Red Orbit, where we achieved incredible results with a complex mailing drip and precise segmentation of subscribers. Then we will take a look at our process, how to construct a unique mailing drip, how to implement it and what to look out for to get the best results possible.
We’ll also take a look at some classic automated campaigns that can bring us the best results with minimal effort.


Andreja Fegeš is a specialist in SEO, content and email marketing who has many years of experience in e-commerce, writing expert content for physical and online publications as well as copywriting and is now putting them to use in the Red Orbit agency, where she takes care of the optimization of clients' online content.