Steen Rasmussen

Senior Partner & Co-founder, IIH Nordic

Session: The Decision Economy
12:40 - 13:10, April 8th 2024, Strategy
Over the last 20 years, the resources spent on gathering data have exploded and now support a massive infrastructure of businesses, tools, and services. But how do we transform the thinking from gathering data to creating value with the data, not only on a narrow operational level but all the way to making decisions at the top of the organization?

In this presentation, Steen dives into the strategic and commercial value of the data and explores how to use all that data to reduce risk and increase the speed and quality of the internal decisions securing the return on the gather we have already gathered.


Steen is one of Scandinavia's most experienced online business profiles and presenters in the activation and utilization of data. He is the national representative of the Digital Analytics Association and has more than 20 years of practical experience with commercial use of data and web analytics – references range from strong Nordic brands such as Vestas, IKEA, and Bestseller to international profiles like LEGO and MSD.