Sandi Češko

CEO & owner, Studio Moderna

Session: CEO panel: The Future of Ecommerce
12:40 - 13:10, April 8th 2024, Strategy

One thing is for sure – ecommerce is here to stay and is quickly becoming one of the driving forces of business success. New realities redefined the rules of engagement in business and ecommerce emerged as one of the pillars of business growth. For many companies that meant a huge change in business strategy, for others a great opportunity to scale, open new markets and become more agile. 

The big question many are asking is what awaits us in the future. Is retail moving back to offline or is the future digital? What role does digital play in a business strategy? How do we adapt the strategy to reflect the new realities? How do we anticipate user behavior and answer their needs? Is it too late to enter the digital market? How do you grow internationally? 

Our panelists:

Sandi Češko, CEO & owner of Studio Moderna

Aljoša Bajrović, General Manager at Tom Tailor Holding SouthEastern Europe 

Luka Železnik, Managing Director at KingsBox Equipment


Panel will be moderated by Andraž Štalec, CEO of Red Orbit.


Sandi Češko, is the co-founder of Studio Moderna (established in 1992), the leading multichannel electronic retailer in Central and Eastern Europe reaching more than 350 million consumers across 20 countries and employs over 6000 people. Dormeo was a first bed in the box business concept in the world and it is today a global brand. The business model of Studio Moderna is, among others, studied also in the eminent business schools and is used as an example of a good practice (Harvard Business School, Columbia, Stanford University, IEDC Bled). Sandi ranks amongst the most successful business entrepreneurs in Slovenia and is undoubtedly a proven business innovator. Sandi Češko is also a great mentor and inspirational leader to colleagues, business partners and many others. He speaks at the most prominent business schools and he is a member of different institutions in Slovenia as well as abroad (member of the International Advisory Board of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), member of the Clinton Global initiative, member of the Business Advisory Council at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, member of Balkan Children and Youth Foundation, member of the Supervisory of IEDC – Bled School of Management, Chairman of the M+ listed company in Croatia, member of the supervisory of the CosyLab, Chairman of the MEPI – Duke of Edenborough foundation is Slovenia and a member of the International board. In 2011 Sandi Češko received an international award in Poland for »The New European Champions« for his achievements being one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in CEE expanding also on other markets. In Russia, Sandi Češko also received the first award that European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research granted. One of the main messages he constantly shares with us is that we should not think and do things based on our assumptions. We should try, test and learn, preferable faster as we can make mistakes. Sandi loves spending time with young, innovative and challenge driven people, and gives them opportunity to grow & develop, as well as encourage them to move out of their comfort zones, to pursue their own ambitions.