Kirsty Hulse

Founder, Roar! Training

Session: Brave marketers: how to increase confidence, take risks and get more done
15:35 - 16:20, May 18th 2022, Strategy
Creative risk is a central pillar to successful marketing campaigns and believing in yourself, and your ideas, is essential to this. As well as being able to confidently express yourself, your worth and your ideas.
In this practical and inspiring talk you will learn:
  • How to regulate nerves before pitches, meetings and calls
  • Practical ways to believe in yourself and your skills
  • Increase buy-in and engagement when presenting to clients or stakeholders


Kirsty Hulse is a world leading Confidence Coach and motivational speaker. She founded her first company at 26, a marketing agency with global clients like Virgin Atlantic and IBM, which turned over nearly a million dollars in its first year of trading. She has delivered training programs to audiences of over 14,000 and her work has been described as “game changing”, “life changing” and from the thousands of people she has worked with, 100% of attendees would recommend her work to a colleague. She has spoken in some of the world’s largest arenas in over 30 countries. She is a standup comedian having done a sold out show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe and brings this passion for humour into her work. Kirsty and her work has been featured on Forbes, Metro, Bustle, HR News, Happiful Magazine, Consultancy UK alongside many others. Her previous book, “The Future is Freelance” was a finalist in the Start Up inspiration category in the business book awards.