Chris Green

Senior SEO Consultant, Torque

Session: Working On the Edge of SEO
14:30 - 15:00, April 9th 2024, Deep dive
Edge Compute is still an untapped territory for SEO. The concept of “Edge SEO” has been used for nearly 5 years but is still often misunderstood, and the skills/expertise to fully leverage it are lacking.

Using a CDN to solve SEO problems can unlock ingenious solutions to persistent, and sometimes campaign-ending SEO problems.

In this talk, I will look to cover the following:
– An introduction to the Edge
– When it is best to use Edge for SEO
– When not to
– Examples of Edge innovations
— A/B Testing
— Redirect Flattening
— Sitemap Hosting
— Modifications based on User Agent to address bot behaviour

Attendees will leave alive to the prospect of using CDNs for SEO and hungry to investigate how they can implement when they get back to work.


Senior SEO Consultant, Trainer & Mentor. Working with Fortune 500 Companies, Digital Agencies & Budding SEO Professionals to Help Solve Search Problems.