Using Signals and Triggers to Source Leads That are Ready to Buy From You


Author: Mark Colgan

97% of prospects aren’t actively looking to purchase…so building lists based on job titles is just pointless…

If you want to stand out in your target email inbox, you need to start thinking out of the box. Meaning, start thinking outside of the standard conversations that you had with your leads and prospects up until now.

So, instead of building simple and almost inefficient lists based solely on {job title} start looking for signals that will tell you where the leads are in their buyers’ journey.

New decade. New gameplan.

If we know that ONLY 3% of the leads are ready to buy, we have to be mindful of scaring them off from the first engagement, but find ways to build a connection with them by providing something of value, before pitching your product or service. Give them a little “unconditional sales love” and don’t expect anything in return.

Start by really understanding your buyers’ persona and ideal customer profile, find out what are the problems and challenges they are facing daily. This will help you to find the buying triggers and signals more easily.

Lead sourcing playbooks

You are probably wondering what are those signals and triggers and where to find them?
Well. They are, actually, right in front of you. On LinkedIn, job boards, financial reports, in the list of competitors’ followers…

You just need to learn where to look. My team at TaskDrive and I have 14 innovative, creative ways (read playbooks) that will help you find individual data-points and triggers. With this information, you could craft highly-personalized and targeted emails that will have more conversion rates than any of the emails you ever sent.

The most up-to-date database where you can find various information by far is LinkedIn, and our team always combines it with our lead sourcing playbooks for the most accurate results.

Our favorite playbook that we often use for our clients is “The Currently Hiring”. We discovered that when companies are hiring and expanding their team, they are investing resources in development. Which might be your cue to reach out, connect and offer you service or product that could help them achieve their goals.

The Currently Hiring Playbook Step-by-step

Here’s a step by step guide to the Currently Hiring Playbook:

  1. Go to LinkedIn and navigate to “Jobs”, add in the job title that you want to target and apply any filters.
  2. For exporting results you can use one of the tools such as Phantombuster and use the LinkedIn Search Export.
  3. Filter the list and find the Hiring Manager (this won’t always be the person who posted the job.)
  4. Find the contact details for these names. You could use:
  5. Now you have a list of contacts ready to contact

Bonus tips: When you are drafting the outreach email, make sure you reference the LinkedIn job post and connect the dots between the job role and the problem you can solve. Don’t pitch your product just yet, make sure you first start the conversation by asking them if they experience the problem you mentioned above. Don’t forget to follow up after a couple of days.

For more playbooks and lead sourcing, tips make sure you visit inOrbit Conference in March. See you there.