The 4 Simple Pillars Behind 8-Figure Facebook Ads Success

A simple 4 step process. A simple scoring chart. Separating potential winners from losers. Showing you the path to success with Facebook ads.


Author: Depesh Mandalia

I ran an event last summer in a lovely city with attendees from around the world. But there was one big problem; after it was booked out, people LOCAL to the city were upset with me.

I simply emailed my list and posted in my group. People from all over – all non-locals – jumped at the opportunity and booked the event out. So what went right (for me)? Heard of this line?

“Make ’em thirsty, sell ’em a drink” ?

It’s how marketing works.

You build the thirst; you tap into it. There’s a big thirst happening right now with Facebook ads. Consistency is at its most difficult – as an agency we push over $16M of ad spend a year. I’ve personally audited thousands of ad accounts. I feel the trembles on the platform more than many others – I’m not just in the weeds of day to day ads management – I have access to global data, trends, patterns and behaviours to predict the next move.

A shift has already begun with Facebook ads – will you adapt or die?

Why is it that traditional marketing techniques from the earlier 1900s and still work today? In online channels? With the change in medium from TV and radio to online and the drop in our attention spans, how do you continue to cut through? Humanity evolves very slowly – use this to your advantage.

What worked in marketing in 1930 STILL works today.

This is possible because we, as humans, remain the same inside, some 100 years on. So if product positioning and offer building are still very much the same why are so many failing to build consistent and predictable growth?

Simple: focusing too much on the medium (or platform).

Who cares if Google, Facebook, Twitch or TV is the most profitable platform for your business? Ad platforms come and go – when I started off in 2005, it was all about Adwords and SEO. Nothing else could compete. Then, if you wanted to take it further, you’d invest in TV and Press to go really wide.

Right now, Facebook swamps them all in combined reach and performance. But that does not mean it should be the only platform you consider. Nor does it require you to fully understand Facebook advertising to the n-th degree. But what you do need to know, is how to position your product, build compelling offers and angles and funnel them into your sales channel.

“It’s so simple – stupidly simple – that I couldn’t believe it could do so much”.

If I said to you “there are only 4 components of a successful marketing campaign” how would that sound? Just 4 words. It only took me around a decade to boil it down and build this into a system, which I’m going to share with you. Early 2019 we audited agency ad accounts past and present to really figure out what clues identified how fast and how far we could take growth. We’ve audited over 100 businesses in the last 12 months and identified the clues to how successful they’d be – and 4 components of their ad account success are …

Going to be revealed Live, at the inOrbit event!

A simple 4 step process. A simple scoring chart. Separating potential winners from losers. Showing you the path to success with Facebook ads.

I look forward to demonstrating this live to you soon.