Super-Charge Your Potential for Success (Something No Business Coach Will Tell You)

Activating your sexual energy, making love and keeping your arousal awake is the most powerful way to help you stay driven, productive and creative.


Author: Magda Kay

You’re here because you want to hit audacious goals in your business. You want to grow, reach new clients, increase profits, make a difference. It’s a lot of work and you’re happy to do it, because it gives you satisfaction.

But you know very well that sometimes that’s not enough. Long hours take a toll on you. You’re under a lot of stress. Sometimes you simply run out of fuel to keep going.

In moments like this business coaches will advice you to try new productivity tools and hacks, such as:

  • “Slay the dragon” first thing in the morning
  • Focus on your Top 5
  • Use Pomodoro Timer
  • Close Facebook and other website that may distract you

And those with a more holistic view may recommend:

  • Increase healthy fats in your diet
  • Move your body every 60-90 minutes
  • Meditate
  • Block blue light before going sleep

Here is a totally new way to approach it. I know you may feel shocked (and maybe blush a bit), but if you’re looking for more energy to fuel your life and business… have more sex!

Yes, darling. Your sexuality has a huge impact on how much you can produce at work, and yet no business guru ever talks about it! You can’t blame them, though, it is still a taboo.

So let’s break some of that taboo, and look at why your sex life can help you reach your business milestones.

People are driven by their desires. And there is no stronger desire than the sexual desire. When it takes over, nothing else matters and nothing can stop you. Our morals and agreements can easily get thrown out of the window. That’s the type of fire that resides in you, but because we live in times when sexuality is so deeply suppressed, for most of us that fire remains dormant.

Look at the history of human civilization: the greatest leaders, those who have conquered many lands, who accomplished ‘the impossible’ were known for their high sex drive!

Genghis Khan, who built the largest land empire in history, is believed to have fathered over 200 children.

Henry VIII did the imaginable – reveled against Pope and started his own church just to be with the woman he desired.

The whole army was gathered to fight for Troy in the name of love.

Not one, but two rulers of the Roman Empire bowed to Cleopatra.

Over centuries, both men and women dared to do the imaginable (and succeed), when fueled by their sexual energy.

Everyone has that power in them, but for most of us our goals and our sex life remain totally separate. In fact, often when you’re busy with work, you put your intimate life on hold. So instead of tapping into your natural rocket fuel, you shut it down, because you don’t have time for “distraction”.

And that’s the very problem: we consider desire to be a distraction. Or a pleasure-only experience. In other words, not a priority.

We’ve been pushing human sexuality to the side, trying to suppress and control it, having lost the understanding that our sexuality is the source of our passion for life. Sexuality is what adds juiciness to your life! When you’re in love and having great sex, everything seems better: the food tastes better, the colors seem more vivid, people seem more joyous. You wake up energized, ready to be in the driver’s seat of your life. You’re excited about your life. You feel unstoppable and all those things you were shyly dreaming about at night, now seem within reach.

Activating your sexual energy, making love and keeping your arousal awake is the most powerful (and definitely the most fun!) way to help you stay driven, productive and creative.

So if you want to feel more passion at work, start with the passion in your bedroom.