It's All BS! How Your Belief System Keeps You From Winning

The important plays from Jason Richardson's pro athlete playbook!

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Dr. Jason Richardson  is a sought-after speaker and consultant, who works closely with high-performance teams, executives, and athletes. He is also an on-air TV and broadcaster, commentating at international events for his sport – staying true to his passion.


Author: Jason Richardson

We started the year 2021 with a new webinar from our inOrbit series It’s All BS! How Your Belief System Keeps You From Winning, in which dr. Jason Richardson, speaker, author, Olympic psychologist, and leadership coach showed us how to build a bigger, better, stronger belief.

Check out the key takeaways below or rewatch the recording of the webinar.

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The belief system drives everything we do (we are conscious of some belief systems and unconscious of others)!

Every one of us has beliefs about the world around us, other people, and ourselves. It is those negative beliefs about us that are preventing us from achieving a goal or the life we want. So it is crucial we uncover beliefs that are not serving us and do our best to change them.


How to start the change?

Normalize to neutralize!

When we are not winning we make things a bigger deal when they are! The truth is, someone is doing the thing you want to do already! Someone is doing something special and it is normal for them – and this someone might as well be you.

Change your language!

Our language is super important in how we program our brains. Me careful using the word ”me”’ and the sentences like ”I have/need to”. Because in the truth you don’t really need or have to do it, You still have a choice!

Become strenght based!

What is that you are inherently already good at? What do you have predisposed from a personality stand of the point? Work toward your strengths and nurture them! When more people work on their weaknesses they are not as successful as when they work on their strengths and they get less in return for their work.

You have to understand your personality: how resilient are you? How reactive are you? How extraverted are you? Do you work better with other people or by yourself? Are you more conservative or are you more explorer? Do you like to challenge people or are you more of an adapter? Are you super focused (do you prefer to work on one thing at a time) or are you more flexible? None of these questions are wrong or right. They just help you better assess yourself.

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And when you get this assessment you can look at the daily tasks that are making you feel tired or your daily job or business and say: ”No wonder I have to spend so much energy on that area, I am not playing to my strengths”. Or if you are managing people, this comes in handy and super insightful, because you can really adapt their work environment and tasks to their characteristics to boost their motivation and work.

Playing to your strengths will make you much more successful.

Believing in yourself may not guarantee the win, but it will guarantee the effort. And over time the result will come.

  1. How long does it take to change our beliefs? Is it better and more effective to do it with a psychologist?

It is better or more effective to do it with someone who cares enough to tell you the brutal truth about yourself.

In the circle of Belief > Feeling > Action > Result, the easiest thing you can change is your action. So if you can change your action, this is your hack. Science tells us, it takes roughly 7-10 days to create a connection. It takes roughly 30 days to create a habit and roughly 60-90 days to have that habit become your default neurological path.

2. Is there a way


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