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The essential takeaways of inOrbit webinar with Talia Wolf


Talia Wolf is a conversion optimization consultant, trainer, and speaker. She was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization.

Author: Talia Wolf

As a part of our inOrbit webinars, we hosted a webinar How to create websites people LOVE to convert to, where Talia Wolf, a conversion optimization expert, from Getuplift shared her inside knowledge on conversion optimization with the usage of emotion.

Here is a summary of the main concepts and takeaways we have discussed, you can also watch the recording of the webinar.

1. The power of emotion

Emotion has a big effect on decision making. It is scientifically proved that without emotion, we lose the ability to make decisions. If you understand the pain and needs of customers and how these influence their decision making, you can use this knowledge to increase your conversion by creating beautiful content. You can apply this to creating your landing page, social media posts, and emails.


2. Ask ”why”!

The majority of companies know what and how they sell their products or services to their clients, but they don’t know why – what is the reason people buy from them.

No matter what you are selling, it is no about ‘’the what factor’’ it is about ‘’the why factor’’!

So why do people choose you! Which needs does your company fulfill? Don’t be afraid to ask them: use surveys and get the answers and keep asking until there are no whys lefts!

Remember: people buy irrationally and then justify the purchase with the rationale why.

3. Customer is always the hero

Conversion optimization isn’t about changing elements on the page. It is about solving people’s problems.

While creating websites or emails companies tend to forget that the customer is always the hero and not the company. So when creating their content they concentrate only on themselves – their features and advantages and they ignore the customer. It should be the other way around, you should focus on your clients and they should be in the center of your website. By making it about them you will understand the reason for making a decision and you will be able to use this to emotionally target them.

It is about understanding your customer better and creating better experiences for them.

Remember: Stop asking what is your goal and start asking what is your customer goal. Only when a customer achieves their goal is when you achieve your goal.


4. Meaningful customer research

The crucial part of emotional targeting is meaningful customer research as it will help you better understand people behind the screen. The best way to do it is through meaningful questions such as what was going on in your life/day that made you search for a solution when you weren’t’ using a solution, how did you solve this problem,…

Grab their attention by mentioning their needs.

5. Adding emotion to your copy and design

Adding emotion to your copy in a way that you talk directly to your customers’ emotional triggers.

You need to make it about the value, you need to tell the customer’s story, relate to your audience, and build a relationship.

The writing formula is:
the feature you want to highlight about your company + the desired outcome = emotional-centric copy

It is also important to add emotion to your design – don’t forget to make it simple and go back to the basics to bring down the level of consumers’ stress. Guide them and tell them what to do.

Use visually that support and amplify your emotional message and that people can relate to and make sure this emotion is consistent throughout the page.

Conversion optimization is about solving people’s problems.

You need to identify what pain your customer feels before finding a solution and the emotional triggers that drive his/her decision making. You need to make your content about them so they will be able to identify with you and create a meaningful relationship. In order to understand them, you have to do research and discover their needs. After you know what they are looking for and add this to your copy and design.

And again the most important: Focus on your customer goal. When their goal is achieved, your goal is achieved.

Watch our webinar again here:

Talia Wolf inOrbit webinar speaker

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