Judging process

Check the judging criteria, gain insights into the comprehensive judging process, and get to know our judges.

There will be two rounds of jury evaluation. 



The first round of judging will be following below process:

Scoring: All submitted works in each category are thoroughly reviewed by the jury members individually. Each jury member evaluates the entries based on predetermined criteria defined above. After reviewing the entries, each jury member assigns scores to the works based on the established criteria. 

Shortlist Selection and Announcement:  The scores are collected and summed up to determine the overall score for each entry. The entries with the highest scores in each category will advance to the shortlist. The shortlist of finalists will be officially announced on the web page.



The second round of judging will be following below process:

Finalist Evaluation and Winners Selection: The jury members deliberate and discuss the shortlisted entries to identify the winner in each category. They consider the finalist based on predetermined criteria defined above to make their final decisions.

Awards Announcement: Once the winners in each category have been selected, the winners’ names are kept confidential until the award ceremony. The winner in each category will be revealed and awarded at the awards ceremony on the 10th April 2024.


Judging Guidelines: Ensuring Fairness and Confidentiality

To ensure transparency, judges, whose company also applied for the award, will not be part of the jury for the category in which their work has applied.

Judges will not let personal relationships or experiences influence their ratings or decisions, and their evaluations will be unbiased and based on the quality of the entry, campaign, organization, or product.

Before reviewing any submissions, judges will disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the event organizers.

All discussions among judges are confidential and will not be shared or discussed with anyone outside the judging panel, either before or after the ceremony.

Judges will not share confidential materials, evaluation papers, or submissions with anyone. They will either securely delete all evaluation materials immediately after the judging period.

Judges will not inform anyone in advance that they have been selected as winners or shortlisted candidates. Such announcements will be made officially by the Organizer.

Judges will not provide direct feedback to participants regarding why they were not selected as winners. Any requests for feedback should be directed to the awards Organizer.

If a judge violates the code of conduct and fails to adhere to the rules, they will be asked to leave the panel and will not be invited to judge future awards.