Judging criteria

Check the judging criteria, gain insights into the comprehensive judging process, and get to know our judges.

Campaign goals / objectives & budget1 - 10 point

A successful campaign starts with clarity. We assess the lucidity and definition of campaign objectives, considering their relevance to the brand’s mission and the specific challenges at hand. We look for ambition campaigns – campaigns that aim high yet set targets that are both challenging and achievable. Judges will pay particular attention to clearly defined goals including KPIs and metrics (absolute and relative) and well defined budget.

Target Audience and Overall strategy1 - 10 points

A deep understanding of the audience is crucial. Our evaluation will dive into how well the campaign grasps its target audience’s behaviors, needs, and desires and how the strategy’s align with the brand’s values and market positioning. The judges will look for cohesiveness between audience insights and the chosen strategic approach.

Creativity and Innovation1 - 10 points

Standing out in the digital cosmos requires flair and novelty. We look for campaigns that bring a fresh perspective or solution. The strength of the core idea driving the campaign’s creative elements is crucial, as is the innovative use of media and technology, where leveraging new or existing platforms in unique ways is celebrated.

Execution Quality1 - 10 points

Excellent execution is what transforms a good idea into a memorable campaign. The evaluation includes factors such as attention to detail in the campaign’s execution, consistency in visual elements that align with the brand identity and campaign objectives, and the creation of a seamless and intuitive user experience across digital touchpoints. Equally important is the campaign’s integration across channels and platforms, ensuring a unified brand experience. We also assess the campaign’s ability to adapt and evolve in response to real-time feedback or unexpected challenges.

Results and Impact1 - 10 points

At the end of the day, results matter. We evaluate the quantitative results a campaign achieves, determining how well objectives were met or even surpassed. Beyond numbers, we look at the campaign’s impact on brand perception, loyalty, and equity. We’re also keen on understanding the broader qualitative influence a campaign might have on the industry, culture, or community at large.