Technical SEO

In this IO workshop technical SEO takes the spotlight. We will explain the foundations of crawling and indexing in Google and how to optimise websites for this.

15th September 2021

After this workshop, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to optimise websites for more efficient crawling and indexing in Google and troubleshoot many different problems you may encounter in your day-to-day technical SEO work.

Detailed outline

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website to help search engines like Google find, crawl, understand, and index your pages. The goal is to be found and improve rankings on search engines.

We will cover different Google systems that are part of their indexing infrastructure and foundations of crawling and indexing. Remember, you need to learn how to crawl before you can walk, or your website does at least, if you want Google to show it. Technical SEO allows search engines like Google to know that your website has high value. 

Google is on the lookout for factors on the website you might not even think of, because your first thought is on a beautiful and viewer friendly website. We will look into all the main criteria that Google monitors when showing search results. 

To be a good technical SEO you need to know what these systems look for and how they interact. And even if you have a third party taking care of this aspect of your website, you should be able to check how successful they are at what they do. It is your site after all! 

In order to do so, we will cover many different aspects on the subject, including: 

  • how site speed affects crawling,
  • How to improve visibility and page ranking,
  • JavaScript and indexing,
  • how to optimise for Core Web Vitals,
  • site structure and information architecture,
  • performing technical SEO audits,
  • and why clean code still matters for Google.

Who is the workshop for? 

Digital marketers, business owners, technical SEOs

Whether you’ve just started doing SEO or you wish to gain greater insight and expertise, this course has your name written all over it.  And if you work as a consultant or agency handling technical SEO topics, the course will help you gain an understanding of technical concepts and learn how to avoid any potential issues.

Why attend this workshop?

  • If your goal is to improve organic rankings of your website, it needs to meet the technical requirements of modern search engines
  • Learn from the best. Our lecturer has over 20 years of experience in the field, he learned all the tricks and secrets so you can skip that part and go straight into what serves you best. 
  • Not the type of WS where you listen and doodle on your paper for three hours. Practice, real life cases, your chances to ask an expert about your troubles and get the best solution.