Technical SEO

For websites to perform well, their technical side now matters more than ever, but we know it’s often overwhelming and challenging due to its complexity. To grow your organic search presence, you need to master technical SEO foundations and truly understand search engine processes such as crawling, indexing, structured data and canonicalisation.

After this workshop, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to optimise websites for more efficient crawling and indexing in Google and troubleshoot many different problems you may encounter in your day-to-day technical SEO work.

Detailed outline

This technical SEO workshop is made up of eight separate modules:

Detailed outline

This technical SEO workshop is made up of five separate modules:

1. How Search Engines Work

We will begin by explaining how search engines work, and what the three main processes of every search engine are. This module will show where technical SEO fits into the overall SEO stack and how it relates to search engines.

2. Crawl Optimisation

Optimising how search engine spiders crawl your website is the cornerstone of technical SEO. We will explain basic HTTP status codes, what crawl optimisation is and why it’s important, and how you can identify and fix crawl issues on your site.

3. JavaScript & SEO

The prevalence of JavaScript frameworks presents a new challenge for SEO. In this module we’ll explain what to look for when analysing JavaScript-based websites for SEO and how to ensure such sites can be properly crawled and indexed by Google.

4. Load Speed & Mobile SEO

Fast-loading websites perform better for every conceivable metric. Optimising your site for core web vitals is an important SEO aspect as well. You will learn how to identify load speed issues and what the best ways are to improve your site’s performance. With more searches performed on mobile devices than on desktop, and Google switching to a mobile-first index, optimising your site for mobile usability is not optional. We’ll show you the various ways you can improve your site’s mobile SEO and achieve success on mobile search.

5. Structured DataImplementing the right structured data on your site will make your content machine-readable and unlocks a range of benefits. We will explain what structured data is, which snippets are most valuable, and how to implement it on your site.


Who is it for?

This workshop is intended for marketers from a non-technical background, developers that want to get better at building SEO-friendly websites, SEOs that focus on content and links who want to broaden their skillset, and anyone that wants to learn the foundational aspects of good search engine optimisation.

About your trainer

Barry Adams is a veteran of the industry, having been active in SEO since 1998. He specialises in technical SEO and SEO for news publishers, and has worked with some of the world's largest media brands including News UK, The Guardian, Fox, Mail Online, and TechRadar. Barry enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with the industry; he's a regular speaker at digital conferences around the world, delivers annual guest lectures for several universities, and has written hundreds of blog posts for dozens of publications including Search Engine Land and State of Digital.