Social Media Training Course

Social Media Marketing: Everything You Need to Succeed on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social media networks and the most effective networks for brands and businesses.
In this workshop we'll dive deep into the fundamentals of marketing on these platforms such as posting techniques, content strategies, creating a funnel, social media tools, how to work with influencers, and tons more! This is a hands-on workshop so be prepared to think outside of the box and put what you learn to the test.

Detailed outline

Facebook and Instagram are two completely different social media networks, but some of the most engaged platforms for businesses and brands to be on. In this workshop we will look at each social media network, beginning with the fundamentals such as profile setup for an informative bio, posting calendar options, best practice, and social media marketing tools. Then, we’ll take things a step further and dive deep into posting methodology, advertising techniques, sales funnel marketing on social, and tons more!

This isn’t a workshop that you come be a part of and just take notes. This is an interactive workshop where we will be implementing what we’re learning right on the spot, and doing tons of brainstorming in-between. Plan on leaving this workshop with a notebook full of new ideas and strategies to help your business or brand thrive on Facebook and Instagram.

Who is it for?

All size businesses, brands, and even influencers can benefit from this workshop. Beginner to intermediate techniques will be discussed with some advanced strategies at the end.

About your trainer

Ashley is an international speaker and VP of Operations at TopHatRank, a search and social agency based in Los Angeles. She has worked extensively both in-house and with multiple agencies helping brands grow their businesses online. Speaking both internationally and throughout the US, Ashley regularly teaches digital marketing workshops and speaks at industry conferences like Content Marketing World, Pubcon, BrightonSEO, SearchLove, Digital Summit, Retail Global, and the prestigious SMS Sydney. Ashley has also co-authored the best-selling book “The Better Business Book V.2” and is a contributing writer to industry blogs such as Search Engine Journal and AuthorityLabs. With over 8 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and a journalism/PR background, Ashley provides tons of first-hand experience and case studies.