Workshop Programmatic Native advertising

Workshop overview

Programmatic Native advertising

We will setup and run our first live native programmatic campaign. We will learn how to optimize it, how to budget for it, forecast, setup advanced targeting. Most importantly, we will get to know the programmatic mindset and the native specifics.

Detailed outline

Part 1: create and run your first campaign in 10 minutes
Part 2: understanding advanced targeting and optimisation techniques that programmatic advertising enables
Part 3: general introduction to native advertising. brief history, key concepts, key players, value proposition

Who is it for

  • Adops
  • Campaign managers

Your trainer Andraž Tori

CTO & GM, Zemanta


Computer enthusiast, innovator & businessman. Cofounder of the first Slovenian hackerspace & multimedia centre Kiberpipa and later, a cofounder – and still GM & CTO – of one of the first Slovenian Startups, Zemanta.

Programmatic Native advertising

13th March 2019
10:00 - 13:00, Aurora III hall