Workshop Practical Conversion Rate Optimisation

Workshop overview

Practical Conversion Rate Optimisation

This session is a whistle stop tour around the fundamentals of Conversion Rate Optimisation. If you’re new to CRO, or you just want a refresher, this is a hands-on, practical session which involves the knowledge transfer of a ready-to-go process to really allow you to kick on with your CRO efforts. The workshop covers the basics of conversion and behavioural science before leading into a dive into the basics of UX research and analytics, test strategy (including hypothesis generation and experimentation) and finally test set up and analysis.

Detailed outline

We will cover:

Philosophy of CRO and definitions
Icebreaker Test
Research Modules: analytics, click visualisation software, remote user testing, session recordings & surveys
Strategy Modules: design solutions, prototyping, hypothesis generation, goal definition, prioritisation, management
Testing Modules: types of testing, test set up, management and insight
Advanced techniques: segmentation, personalisation, cultural differences, composition

Who is it for

  • Web Analysts- extend your insight generation with testing
  • General digital marketers- get more from your ad traffic
  • New optimisers- get a ready to go process that works
  • Intermediate optimisation teams- refresh your skill set and maybe get a new perspective

Your trainer Joe Doveton

Founder and CEO, Binary Bear
United Kingdom


Joe’s digital experience extends back to Alta Vista, dial-up and fat monitors. He has worked for both major publishers, agencies and client side for start ups and PLCs and has an holistic approach based on his experience of traffic driving disciplines like digital advertising and SEO, and extensive site-side experience of UX and conversion topics. A regular speaker and contributor to media like the Drum and eConsultany, Joe is one of the UK’s top consultants on cultural and international approaches to CRO.

Practical Conversion Rate Optimisation

13th March 2019
14:00 - 17:00, Aurora II hall