People Management Course

Lead and develop your team to perfection - HR tips and tricks

15th September 2021

You have a team of perfect match and would like to develop it to next level. And yet you are constantly facing challenges of developing each individual, introducing new members, expressing your expectations, offering career opportunities, having retention issues and many others.
On this practical workshop we will learn to understand employee life cycle and adopt leadership and managerial approach to each individual and the team.

Detailed outline

We will be traveling through employee life-cycle and applying various HR processes to each stage by learning modern and unique approach to every stage and each individual team member.
Workshop will give you the opportunity to sketch a career path for you and your team members (or yourself), create employee retention tactics and learn how to run all sorts of individual talks with your team members. Workshop will be interactive and hands-on and will give you many food for thoughts and tools to practice.

Who is it for?

Mostly leaders and managers of teams with up to 3 members and growing.