Let’s TikTok

Whatever is your advertising goals, there is a set of universal foundations that will help you achieve marketing success on TikTok. We call them TikTok Fuel Tactics! From attribution to creative best practice, each tactic is designed to unlock the skills and tools you need to drive results.

MAY 16th 2022

In this workshop we get close and personal with TikTok. Httpool experts explain their TikTok Fuel Tactics and how to win on the most popular platform nowadays.

Detailed outline

TikTok Tactics – Secrets to Success

What is TikTok and how to win it.  All of the tactics we will be covering enables you to start your journey on TikTok today, with a focus on how to run advertising and performance activity and which tools and formats can help you with reaching your goals.

We will be checking on everything TikTok related; from personal and business profiles, Creative Center and Creator Marketplace, Paid/Auction/Advertising on TikTok as well as reservation ads available on TikTok (Branded HTC, Topview, ODM)

1. Auction & Reservation Ads

2. Attribution

3. Targeting, Bidding and Optimization

4. Creative TikTok; Creator Marketplace


Who is it for?

Agencies, DR Advertisers, Web/App Advertisers

About your trainer

Growth hacker by heart, performance ad specialist by mind - doing my best to learn and master; then bring and share the knowledge about this wonderful world to as many people as possible. As someone who wants to grow constantly, always searching and finding new and creative ways to evolve, improve and to perform better in digital worlds, I'm always eager in helping businesses to adopt best practices, discover new features and take data-driven decisions and actions to improve their online presence and advertising efforts.