Google update proof your sites

Join our 1,5-hour workshop with Kyle Roof and learn about minimizing the risk of Google updates for your site.

17th of March - 14:00 - 15:30 Adria Hall

A practical workshop where we cover the practical application of Avalanche Theory and EEAT signals.

Detailed outline

In this workshop we cover:

– How to minimize the risk of Google updates.

– How to apply Avalanche Theory in a practical way that can be added to any site and any SEO campaign.

– Additionally, we will cover EEAT signals and how to protect your site when Google does an EEAT evaluation for possible ranking demotion or deindexing.



About your trainer

Kyle has dedicated nearly a decade of his life to SEO testing. He has also published the results of more than 400 scientific tests he has conducted. Over the years, Kyle has developed and fine tuned a method to test whether single variables are ranking factors in Google's algorithm. This method was officially granted a patent in January 2020 (US Patent #10,540,263 B1); validating Kyle's techniques and distinguishing him from other SEO professionals.